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  Inside Your Home

  • Inspection of all windows and doors

  • Fill toilet bowls with water as needed

  • Run water in showers and bath tubs

  • Check refrigerator, washer and dryer

  • Check for pest infestation

  • A/C and thermostat monitoring

  • Check for vandalism

  • Check and reset alarm systems

  • Handle mail

  • Walk-through rooms to inspect for any unusual conditions

  • Other Requested Services to Meet Homeowners Needs

Special Services

  • Computer and general tech support

  • Pet Walking and general animal care

  • Local errands and special requests

  • Housekeeping and upkeep

  • Arrival preparations

Indoor Services

Outdoor Services

  Outside Your Home

  • Garage

  • Pool

  • Landscaping

  • Check/ Inspect outdoor furniture

  • Check and adjust thermostat

  • Insure lights are working as needed

  • Collect mail

  • Inspect all windows and doors for security

  • Check ceilings and skylights for signs leak

  • Check security system to insure proper function & overall home security

  • Smoke detectors and battery checkup

  • Visually check hot water heater for leaks.

Special Services & Requests

Please call/Text, Email us.

Have peace of mind at all times!

Bonded Home Watch Palm Beach Gardens


Service Communication

We send emails before and after completing our services. Stay connected and informed!

When requesting our Home Watch Services, communication is key! We insure our clients stay in the loop about any services being done at their home. Emails will be sent to clients to follow up after serves. Our 24/7 Live Chat insures you can reach us in times of urgency. Have full control of your home even when away! Leading Home Watch in Palm Beach Gardens for over 16 years! Bonded Home Watch is your one stop home watch & service solution.

Why Choose Our Home Watch Services?

Leaving your Home Alone Soon? Call Us for Peace of Mind!

Leaving a home unattended for a long period of time? Things can go wrong even when no one is home. Leaks, storms, fires, burglary, mold and water damage can all happen when your not home. We can insure regular home watch visits to make sure none of these things happen. Plan ahead and don't get left in the dark when your away from home for long periods of time. Leave us with the responsibility of watching your home. Enjoy your trip without having to worry.

Visual Inspections to prevent and Fix Home Issues 

We inspect every inch of the house to  prevent and fix any issues.

Bonded Home Watch does visual inspections for both inside and outside the home. These inspections help to fix various issues and even prevent them! We know what to look for and follow a precise and diligent checklist routine that has proven success and help to keep countless homes problem free.


Bonded Home Watch Service Details

Outdoor Services

Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Pressure Washing

  • Landscape Maintenance and Cleanup

  • Pool Cleaning & Service

  • Screen Repair

  • Roof Servicing/ Repair


Have a special service request? Let us know! We will try to help as best we can. Feel free to use the 24/7 Chat!

Visual Outdoor Inspection

  • Insure Everything is in Order ( Overall Cleanliness)

  • Make sure outdoor Security Lights are Working

  • Visual inspection for Insects and Pests

  • Visual check of pool conditions

  • Check door and windows

  • Visual Leak and Water Damage Inspection


If we see something is wrong or needs adjusting/ fixing we will let you know! Your home is safe with Us!


  • Leaks

  • Window Damage

  • Screen Repair


Other repairs service options are available. Please contact Us for more specific information.


  • Outdoor Visual Security Check

  • Insure No Suspicious Activity

  • Check Windows for Damage

  • Insure Garage/ Cars/ Boats are Secure

Indoor Services

Inspections, Cleaning & Maintenance

  • Check all Sinks, Tubs and all Bathrooms for leaks, water issues

  • House Cleaning Available if Requested

  • Insure Burners and Appliances aren't left On

  • Regulate A/C and Check Filter


If something is not right or needs emergency services we will let you know! Always know your home is okay!

Visual Indoor Inspection

  • Insure Everything is in Order

  • Check All Rooms for Issues

  • Visual Inspections of all tubs, toilets and faucets

  • Visual Inspection of Mold or other Water Damage

  • Check Doors and Windows for Damage

  • Adjust A/C if Needed


If we see something is wrong or needs adjusting/ fixing we will let you know! Home Watch Palm Beach Gardens.



  • Leaks

  • Window Damage/ Door Damage

  • Other General Repairs as Needed


Other repairs service options are available. We will let you know what we think before doing anything!


  • Check/ Set Home Alarm

  • Insure Security Cameras are Operational

  • Inspect Window/ Door Damage

  • Insure all Doors and Windows are Locked

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